What skills do you need to be a woodworker?

To read more about carpentry, check out Cottage Making (by Jim Siegel – available online at This book will give you all the knowledge you need to build a functional, attractive home for yourself. Woodworking isn’t hard at first but once you get the hang of it you will have a nice well kept shop!

I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself, sometimes.

My husband and I are a perfect combo. In bed, he sleeps soundly. We can make our bed together when we need a nightcap and a few minutes of quiet, alone time in the middle of the night. We do our laundry together.

We’ve got a house that we rent. We take showers together and wear pants/jeans at all levels of the hygiene spectrum. Even the house dogs live on-board, so the household doesn’t get too dirty.

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We have a nice home that we spend the vast majority of our time in. We enjoy the outdoors and spend hours in the backyard. We are able to do things we’d never do on our own.

There aren’t a lot of people with that combination. There are plenty of people who have kids who are single parents, but have jobs and spend most of their time in the home. It should be obvious why you wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of “lesser” people like that.

So you have a family with kids. You work, so you end up home a lot and with a lot of work to do. You’re home in a lot of different times of the day. Your job is pretty stressful, so there are bound to be a few nights where you can’t sleep that you’d rather be on the couch with your kids.

When I’m home, it feels like that happens to everyone. Your stress level increases and your mood changes a bit. Your body and mind might feel a little drowsy, but you’ll be fine. You’ll be able to get some much-needed sleep, but the feeling of stress and exhaustion will come back every time you put your kids to bed.

Then a few weeks later, when the kids are old enough to really be of use, that stress and tiredness won’t just come back; those are the times when you can’t seem to find comfort anymore. There are few nights when the kids are sleeping soundly in the bed, but also when you can’t relax in