What should I build and sell?

Your goal should be to sell the smallest business that is not too niche or in the right market niche.

If your company is small and your products are high-quality, no one will ask for it.

You can take a look at the products on our website and see for yourself if you know them well.

How many people do I need to market my product?

Estimate the number of people you need to market your products online and try to be able to market to them. You should ask yourself:

Who do I need to reach?

What market do they need?

How many users do they require?

How many will I need to reach them?

How many will they want to sell?

How much will this help me?

How long will I need to advertise?

I need to get the product to people as quickly as possible.

Estimating your sales and expenses are pretty straight forward and you will get different answers depending on your marketing experience. Keep in mind that if all of these steps are done properly there will be a higher chance of your product selling more than you ever thought it was possible to sell. I always ask my clients to start with the most important task before getting to the second or third.

A perfect illustration are in-flight magazines. When you start to receive a mail from one of its readers they would immediately ask you about the most recent issue’s prices, and you would have to ask them. There are a lot of cases like that…

If you keep the same idea and you market it properly from the start you will get the most positive results.

How many followers can I have online?

There are many factors involved when you start to build your social network, one of which is the number of people you will reach once you start collecting followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Once you have a very active community and it is growing you can use that as a base to build up many additional followers in any social media site.

The bigger the community is the better because it allows you to attract new followers.

You can start to build up your website’s following by doing as I did below:

Create your Twitter account. Make sure you set your profile up as a public account so that your followers know what you are about and how to follow you.

Create your Facebook account. Set up your profile as a public account so that