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For most people, a woodworking business has a certain feel. It can be something that someone has known all along, they have been a fixture in the community for years, or they are a hobbyist rather than someone who is well known in the community. In today’s world, people aren’t just working in their own shop, they are becoming experts in that shop through their website, Facebook page, their own blogs, YouTube, websites. In today’s world, people are also looking for businesses that are “real.” They don’t just want to make furniture that they can see, or spend a few dollars on it because of their own whims. They are looking for a business that will be there for them during their entire career. If your company has a name, it will be recognized, respected, and seen by as many people as possible. If your name doesn’t have those elements, you need to change that.

You need a name that is unique. Name your woodworking business after something that is unique, not something that people have come to expect. Name your business after a tree. Name your business after an animal. Name your business after a country. Name your business AFTER a town. Name your business after something that is hard to spell out and that is unique among other businesses. Name your business after something you did or saw that is not common.

Take a look at the word “woodworking” and see what comes to mind. If you didn’t want to go anywhere, you would not call your company “woodworking.” People wouldn’t understand what your business was, and would assume that you were doing something that wasn’t woodworking. If you want to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to have your name as unique as possible.

To name your woodworking business after something different from the other businesses in your niche, go ahead and think about it and pick your inspiration. If you are making furniture, it would be the initials of someone who did and saw this, or it would take the name of a furniture maker who made furniture that you know. If you are making a product like a table saw, it would be the name of a company who has one or more products that are similar to this.

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In the beginning stages, you should try to avoid “boring” names that are easily recognizable. For example, if you are making furniture you are unlikely to name your business after something that you are a furniture builder or professional that sells furniture;

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