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When you decide on a name for your business, how come you never heard of a company called “Saddleback Leather?” How can this be?

When I decided to start my new woodworking business with the name “Saddleback Leather”, I decided to name it after the famous water buffalo from Montana. As a result, it would be a very good name, right? I had an idea of creating a line of saddleback leather products that would have a very distinctive leather look when combined with a good quality American made product. There have been several brands of saddleback leather products on the market in my past but I have always had trouble finding a name, or an idea of a product that was unique, and different than something else. I had read somewhere that the “old world” (as I like to call it) is very proud of its unique names. It was hard for me to believe that when the last horse was killed in the U.S. by a runaway buffalo, there was nothing unique about the name “Saddleback Leather”.

After spending some time researching the history of saddleback leather, I learned a lot, but I still have not decided on a name. I have decided to call my company, Saddleback Leather (www.saddlebackl and the company will not change any brand names until the customers tell me they are going to do so. I want my customers to know I am confident in my product, I offer a good product, and I will not compromise or change my product.

Saddleback leather is one of my main products, for my woodworking business. It is a high quality, American made leather from the upper Montana mountains. It is soft, durable, and a quality leather that I will not compromise or change.

You will find many of the products on my line of products “Saddleback Leather” used the same materials and finished designs from other companies. My leather products are of a quality and design that exceeds other companies to satisfy the customers’ need for a quality product. With a saddleback leather product, you do not find a good quality leather. You get a leather that has more character, but with the same basic level of quality that all saddleback leather products have in the past.

Your feedback is very important to me. Many customers have asked if there were any special requests you may need before buying a saddleback leather product. I do sell saddleback leather, and my customers are very happy

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