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Does everyone else at school do it? I would love to know just how many other kids are doing it.”

Kylie’s mother, Sarah Brown, told The Telegraph that she was proud their daughter could learn to cut, saw and bend wood, after her father had taught her how to do the same in a few weeks’ time.

Her older sister, Lucy, 14, was unable to learn to operate miter saws earlier this year and is now only able to do one thing.

The brothers have now decided to use a traditional saw and sawed-off knife instead. The pair, who are now taking their skills further by learning how to make a fire using a lighter, are hoping to go to a university where they could get a technical diploma in wood working instead of just being able to read the news.

Sarah, 35, said: “They are working out really well and they are really passionate.

“I’m getting a bit tired of watching them get into trouble. They are always jumping around – I can get concerned.”

But the parents said that they were pleased at how their daughter was coping so far, despite the growing concerns from teachers.

“I get emails all the time from school saying things like ‘are you OK?’ and stuff like that. They say ‘you have to stay calm and learn more, it’s difficult’ but I just say we are going to find a way on our own.
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“I want him to be able to read, talk about the weather, he seems really good with that. And I hope we can get him on a school trip somewhere like London but that’s what we will have to wait for.”

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