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A studio or home shop is usually a lot smaller than a toolshop or garage. Smaller means you can work around the shop furniture. If the wood is hard to reach in the toolshop, you will need a few steps to get it into the workshop.

Some shops require you to be able to work through the windows so you can see in. Or you may not have an elevator, so you are going to have to go down a series of staircases.

You will probably want a shop-like workspace that will hold a tool box (a small room on the back and sides), a large drill press (or a machine shop), and more wood finishing supplies (glue, sandpaper, clamps).

You need a workspace to use tools in. Your tools are there to work in, but it is not a place to do your drywall. So you need a shop. Many people buy their own shop and install it. The most popular shop we see for furniture is in a large building at a university. They have an open studio space, so students can do work and work and more work without worrying that they might get wet or fall over.

It takes just a little bit of time and money to get your shop up and running.

Starting a Woodworking Business with Wood Profits ...

If you want to work within the confines of an existing kitchen, go right ahead. But if you want to get started without spending your life savings investing in a shop to start with it may be advisable to start out at a friend’s place and make a few trips over to your own.

For some woodturning projects we like to spend two or three weekends a year touring shops, looking for ones that can accommodate what we do.

Here is how it usually goes. We start off with a list of what we need, and see where we can get them. We ask, “what do people do with those tools?” That leads to finding a shop or a place where we can work on them, then we ask, “would anyone sell this to me?”

Then we have to learn the difference between a tool shop and a tool shop in the space we’re talking about. You can get a “hand-hold.” That is like a chair on wheels on wheels that holds all the tools in one hand. You may need to remove your hand from the tool to work on it. Then you might get a “handcarver.” It is like a carpenter, not a carpenter.

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