Can you make money selling wood projects?

Yes, just about.

I’ve done one so in the past few years.

I had one that was a little bigger than I wanted but the wood was a little tough to cut.

So I did sell that,

but it was like $1000 a piece. To me, that’s not worth it.

How do you earn money selling wood?

It makes sense.

I sell what is essentially scrap wood.

I make $100 a day by cutting and working on my projects.

So $100 a day is right there!

If I don’t cut it I can’t earn any money, so I sell.

The main problem with wood is that it is hard to use.

When I go in and cut it I have to hit it.

Sometimes, when I get off a machine I’m not too sure what to do.

But I figure something like the old man with the spade is easier.

Then I work it in the lathe.

A good lathe will cut at a right angle.

I’ve bought some at a yard sale.

It does make pretty good, big pieces of wood.

It is really hard to use it and work with it.

So people go around selling wood for scrap.

What is the difference between wood and hardwood?

Hardwood is wood with a harder surface and harder wood

and more glue.

Wood is a hard, tough, tough wood.

You will have to get really good with your hands with hardwood to work with.

I would say the best quality of wood is hardwood and you should really go for that.

Why do so many people believe that hardwood is more expensive than wood?

It is more expensive because it is just harder.

Hardwood gets more exposure than wood because everyone wants to show off their wood.

The more exposure, the more expensive wood gets.

Do you find a problem with the quality of wood being sold as wood?

No. I have really good wood.

I’m lucky I don’t have to cut it.

I like to have the chance to see what it looks like when I make some of my designs.

It is really just what I like to be working with.

I get the satisfaction of going with my mind instead