What’s trending in crafts?

Pinterest is the place to be for all your crafty needs. There are thousands of projects on the site, with more being added daily. Explore by category, or pin your favorites for later.

1. A good craft table

A table with a few drawers will be a lot more stylish and durable than one with a lot of drawers because you’ll be able to see what’s going on inside and outside. Try this simple table from Craftsy, which folds down for extra storage.

2. A desk lamp with shelves

Most people are pretty creative when it comes to the things they use to work in. Lamps are one of the best choices. One is all you’ll need for your home, and you can do so with an inexpensive, simple design on Craftsy.

3. An ottoman with shelves

Your home can be a home anywhere, so why not have something more than just seating? A traditional ottoman with shelves can be a great way to make the most of your living room space. It only requires a few simple DIY steps that you can easily figure out from the Pinterest tutorials you’ve seen. You can add a little bit of height with dowels, or use a little bit more fabric as the legs, or choose what has been popular in the past, such as a piece of corkboard.

4. Hand-drawn wooden chairs

These wooden chairs are easy to carve or paint. They make excellent desks and chairs and can also be decorative props for your kids’ rooms.

5. A small storage closet

Small cupboards are a common place for storage that you can make yourself. This one features a wall shelf, drawer, and a drawstring. You can make it a custom one or modify it to your needs.

6. Hand-carved wooden dining chairs

These chair legs are made from a mix of birch and oak materials. They take a lot of time and creativity, but it’s worth the effort. Your house will look great.

7. A folding table with shelves

The best way to organize your coffee table’s are to fold your table and put it outside. It will make a great place for your kitchen counter. Don’t be afraid to use a decorative piece of cloth over one of the bottom drawers.
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8. A bookcase with shelves

A bookcase is something that I always see in artists’ studios. It’s an easy way