How can I make $100 a day?

A lot of other things besides just running ads on Facebook. One of the main factors is that you need to have a great content marketing team to write the content and market them. These are the people who have the ability to make you money, and who will then go do whatever their business is. They will often work in a small to medium size company where they will not have a lot of support. And that is where I was in my own business. My goal for myself was that I should be able to create $100 a day from being paid $35 per post. I was able to do that.

Is that all worth it? Maybe. People can make plenty of money from running ads, so the more content you write, the better you’ll make, especially if you spend more time with your post making. But, you should always be thinking about your long term financial success too.

How do you keep in touch with the bloggers who follow you on Instagram?

I have a few accounts. One of them is where I post links to the content on Facebook. If there is something you want to read that I missed out I’ll add it to that account. Another one is Facebook where I send out promotional email. You are also able to use a number of social media channels if you’d rather not use Facebook, but if you do use social media they’ll be less intrusive and they won’t pull your data.

So, those are my main Instagram accounts.

How does your money actually go? And do you still have room to grow this business?

You know what I have a great idea about? A bunch of people like me will pay for everything. That means that, there really isn’t $10 on my account. What I do have is a lot of social media followers and a ton (thousands?) of people who want to see me at least once a day. So, it’s a very, very healthy income stream.

Do you know about other social media accounts like the #FBShoes, #FBHoodie, #FBLights, #FBTights and the #FBShoulderSketch?


Have you worked on a business like that? Like, for the past 6 years now?

Well, I have. I’ve recently started working for someone who is not just an entrepreneur but also works on the same side as me. A couple years back I helped him start his own business