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It is the amount of BTC (or other crypto-currencies) you can earn by selling your Ethereum address (also known as a “market place” address) for a specific amount of BTC in a single trade.

Example of a Bitcoin wallet.

Where can you buy Ethereum?

A website called Etherparty, which was launched by a group of ex-Bitcoin developers, has launched a direct trading platform on Ethereum. This will allow you to purchase eth at a higher rate than you would otherwise do so (for example, if you are buying 2 BTC, you can get 2.2 ETH). With this platform being hosted by a group of developers, you’re able to gain some of the same advantages as buying eth on the regular Bitcoin market.


Also known as, is a Bitcoin wallet/exchange platform.

There is currently a bug on the Etherparty website where they cannot sell or buy Ether at the current price on the platform.

When you buy Ethereum with a Bittrex wallet, you will get 3.7 ETH. After purchasing ETH, you will be able to trade ETH for another cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) using this interface. You also can buy ether on Etherparty in other exchanges as well.

Etherparty offers a free account for anyone who wants to learn about Ethereum, so they can learn more about Ethereum, the platform, and the Ethereum blockchain.

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If you have any questions about Ethereum, buy ETH, or try trading on the platform, email for help and we’ll help you to set up an account.

Buy Ethereum from Bittrex.

You can also use Bittrex’s exchange to buy/sell ETH for other crypto-currencies. This will allow you to set up an address and trade ETH between crypto-currencies with ease.

Buy ETH on Bittrex

If you are looking for ETH on Bittrex, you can buy it at 0.00005 BTC. The exchange does not allow you to get ETH for ETH at 0.00001 BTC.

Buy ETH on Poloniex.

You can set up an account there as well. It seems to only be offering ETH at 0.00001 BTC.

Buy Ethereum from Poloniex.

How much does the ETH I buy (at 0.00005 BTC, for example) get me as a return

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