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Can I find it? How can I prevent this from happening? If I’m going to gamble, how much money should I lose? Do I need a license to gamble? The answer is all of the above (and more) and more. The following is an overview of all the laws regarding gambling in Nevada. And, just to be sure, if you’re considering trying to join the Las Vegas Strip to gamble, do not even think about using an internet gambling site such as

In a world that is overrun by zombies, you have to make a very hard choice. Your job is to protect your group of survivors from a series of zombie attacks, in the most dangerous position they ever will be. Can you save your friends from being eaten and your community from the monsters they created?

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This is what the world looked like before the invention of the television remote control in the 1960s

The television remote control is the most frequently confused part of the modern home-built TV. And that isn’t surprising: TVs are everywhere. But there’s a lot that you don’t know about them — and, frankly, they’re not as user friendly as people think — and that’s why, as technology becomes more ubiquitous, you’ll find yourself watching less TV.

Take a look at these ten TV remote controls worth knowing about, and you’ll get a better idea of what you can do with the little machines before they’ve been forgotten forever.

1. The AppleTV

One of the coolest TV remotes has to be the AppleTV, an open source TV tuner that was the first to support the newer tuner technology used in HD television sets. You can now stream programming, movies, and home-theatrical content over a 5GHz wireless connection. There’s an app for it, too, as well as apps for your phone, tablet, and Xbox. The only down-side is, as of yet, an Apple-branded remote.

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2. Blu-ray Player

The most popular device for keeping an entire library of Blu-ray movies, TV shows, and movies on the go is the Roku Ultra. It doesn’t have as many features as the AppleTV, but does have a remote included, which makes it the best out there for watching your favorite content.

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3. Smart TV


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