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We’ve never seen a bet this big come out of a poker room.

This was a real shame. The guy didn’t look like a player, but his lack of agility and his overall inexperience and inexperience of what he’s used to were the main reasons for his poor performance.

And yeah, you’re probably right about that. I thought he was alright at best, but I’m sure he’ll look at the data from this game and get back on his playing form by next game.

I’m not saying that he’s useless – I’m saying he might only play like that in some special games where he can focus on his defensive work and maybe look for the open spaces.

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Cable TV is a beast of a medium, and the average consumer is just as happy to watch the latest episode of Breaking Bad as they are to see it on television. Yet a new report suggests that the average internet user has the time of his or her life watching cable TV — and is not even aware it is using the internet to accomplish that goal.

In a study conducted by the Internet & Information Association (IAA), researchers asked people to rank the number of words spoken on a typical television program and then categorized the words based on three different categories. For example, television programs were categorized into a category based on their “words per minute,” that is, the average number of words per minute spoken per minute.

The result is that the less spoken the words, the better their ranking. So if the average TV show’s words per minute is 45 words, viewers would expect TV programs to be “top five” performers in terms of “words per minute”; and if the average word per minute is only 16, the viewers should be able to see that the show is not as popular as expected.

And a simple look at online ratings reveals that not only are there more people watching the “top five” shows, they’re watching less.

According to the ratings study, viewers of cable TV programs in the United States, including shows from ABC and NBC, are tuning out. A whopping 67 percent of the viewers watched “top 10” programs in the last 30 days, and just 48 percent of those viewers watched an episode of a series from that network. In contrast, viewers of online-only shows like those from Netflix (30 percent) and Amazon (22 percent), were not tuned out, while 50 percent of those viewers watched an episode of a network

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