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One way is to use an electronic tool called “smart card,” which is attached to the machine. Smart cards are the equivalent of debit cards and can allow you to make small cash deposits or purchases, but they are not the same as regular credit cards or debit cards (which require actual cash). If you want to buy something at a store, like a video game or a car, you use a smart card.

What do you use for your PIN, and when?

If you don’t have a PIN, you don’t have to remember it or use your card. Instead, you can use the phone app PINM (for “PIN-less” transactions) to pay with your smartphone instead. You can also use your phone’s passcode. The PINM app and the passcode must be used just once, but you can get reimbursed for using the app without having to repeat the number 10x for each charge.

So my mom and I bought a car using a debit card. She didn’t know how to use the smart card. Now I can take my credit card, put it in her debit card and cash the funds? I don’t know that I can get reimbursed. Is my credit card not good enough?

If your credit card is not good enough, then the credit card issuer, such as Visa or MasterCard, can get an additional fee (about $60 per year) from many consumers to help promote credit card use. It can be found in the terms and conditions of your card.

If you have a credit card, you can be sure there is an expiration date on the credit card. It’s also important to know that the credit card company can take back your identity if you’re charged for fraudulent activity.

I used my debit card to purchase an item at a store. Does my debit card still work to buy items at the same store?

The debit card can actually be used at any store; you simply need to make sure your credit card is good enough to use the debit card. For example, you can get the debit card that goes to your child’s bank or an existing debit card that your child uses at the store. To make sure you can use your debit card at the store, the card issuer will usually need a receipt to confirm that the transaction occurred.

It can be as simple as taking a picture of the receipt when you pull up on the cash register and a cashier will check it.


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