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This is an important question to ask ourselves – and hopefully it is answered by getting some data directly from the lab!

“This may very well depend on individual variability due to genetic factors rather than simple differences in body size,” she added.

In both cases however, the results showed that the obese men had a more than doubling of their risk for stroke in those who had lost weight at the start of the study compared with those who hadn’t. It was also found that the risk of stroke was significantly increased among those who lost more than 30% of their body weight prior to being recruited and increased again if this loss continued.

“These findings show that being an overweight adult man increases your risk for being diagnosed with stroke,” Dr. McKeown-Tate said.

“Although people often believe that they control their weight by controlling their portion size, this study clearly demonstrates that this strategy is insufficient. To prevent stroke, people need to lose weight and exercise, and diet and exercise alone are not enough. If people manage weight well, they can significantly reduce their risk for stroke.”

Dr. McKeown-Tate said that while the weight loss intervention did not work for everyone, she did believe it was effective in the obese.

“Weight loss can help if it is used on a lifelong basis when combined with exercise. However, the results demonstrated in this study that many men with high bodyweight are unlikely to lose more than 30% of their average body weight over a 4-year period. Therefore the longer men who are obese go into remission the higher their risk for stroke.”

The study was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States of America and by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the United States of America.

A press release for the research:

The study also appears in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Health and Exercise Biology.

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