What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency? – Printable Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

1. Blemishes

I’ve found that iron deficiency has almost as many stages as the first three. There are three main stages – a slow and deep downy, or soft, stage, a dry and brittle, or hard, stage. When symptoms are present, and you’re bleeding, it’s a slow form of iron deficiency where blood will clump in the skin and get red instead of yellow. This can be very upsetting. If a person has low bleeding, it’s possible to get a severe condition where the tissues in the joints begin to become painful. As the flesh around the joints get weaker, the joint can also become affected, too.

2. Blood clots

This is an easy form of iron deficiency to treat. Blemishes can develop in the joints, veins, bones and body fluids. The most common form of blood clots are blood clots around the heart and the lungs, where oxygen can’t get into them as fast as it travels through the blood.

Red clots around the heart can come and go but usually they can’t be removed quickly. Red clots can also appear anywhere else, even on parts of the body not in contact with the blood, but if you see these signs they don’t cause any problems. There are two types of iron binding materials, coagulation factors, which prevent blood clots coming into the body and clotting factors which help build new blood clots. If you notice symptoms that need more treatment it may be necessary to take a blood sample, which is then analysed as part of a physical, or blood, test called the electrocardiogram (ECG). Sometimes iron is not taken because the person is too uncomfortable with the results.

3. Iron depletion
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The body becomes deficient in iron over the course of the day. The deficiency is more severe in people who sleep less and are overweight.

Iron stores are broken down into iron-containing molecules called cofactors, which have the ability to help transfer the iron from the body to the cells. This occurs as the body stores iron in skeletal muscle. Iron is also carried in the blood when it’s in use. Most people with iron deficiency will have a lower average blood coagulation factor than average, which makes getting enough iron a challenge. Iron is not the only factor to blame though. The following causes cause the body to store less iron than its needs too:

Older age


Increased iron overload

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