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Text: Kasey Smith

Producer: Alex Manning

Edited by Kasey Smith – Graphics by Alex Manning

Music: “Punchin’ At The Clock” by K.A.R.D

When the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts the NCAA Division III Final Four, it will not be without controversy.

On the day the tournament will conclude, protesters will have the chance to protest through a number of actions. In a message on social media, UW-Madison administrators released an explanation that all NCAA events “are governed by the UWC/UWAA (Under Washington Law). We will not allow protests against the Final Four or our opponents during the game-day events. It is our belief that the integrity of the game is our number one priority.”

The message appears to be a compromise between UW-Madison and UW-Green Bay, who have declared protests as part of the Final Four’s rules and regulations.

“I’ve looked forward to being a part of this Final Four,” said John Smith, the head coach and co-founder of the UW-Jazz team. “This is a celebration for all fans. You’re there. You’re watching. You get to enjoy winning. We’ve got fun. We’ve got the best college basketball in the country and this game is a win.”

UW-Madison will not provide an exact number on the number of tickets sold for the Final Four. But the decision to use the terms “game day events” comes after a tweet by UW-Green Bay coach Brad Lambert called for the entire stadium to stand with the protesters.

“It is the student population of our university that will decide what actions they participate in,” said UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank. “Our message would be the same: If the student population opposes protests, it will be our students.”

Blank said the university “will not allow protests against the Final Four.”

UW-Madison and Madison will not be the only campuses with official protests for the conference tournament. The University of Virginia will also have protest in a number of games, from Tuesday through Friday. The school’s decision is based on “nonviolence and the right of peaceful protest and

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