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And why do you think the sun sets at sunset? We have answers to these questions and more in this month’s magazine. Click here to download the current month’s issue.

You may not understand them, or you may not want them explained, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Read for yourself. Click here to read more on the origins and nature of obesity – from why a tan is bad for you to how fat is contagious.

Why does someone put on so much weight? If you’ve been following our magazine, you’d know that you don’t have an automatic right to not gain weight. There are some people who don’t gain weight, even though they eat the same diet as everyone else. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unhealthy, but they could have simply chosen to eat less, and have not been exercising enough (if they weren’t already overweight at all). For this reason, a doctor might prescribe medication to help people who are obese lose and keep that weight off.

However, there are also some people who simply don’t fit into the conventional mold of weight-gainers and lose almost all their weight for no apparent reason. You may well be one such type of person. Some experts believe that as many as 80 percent of all obese people – or even a majority – could just be normal weight.

Some studies have found that people who are normal weight may have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and stroke. But other doctors see the possibility of someone becoming obese as a more normal condition as well. One researcher concluded that many obese people have not gained nearly enough weight to cause them any problems. If a person already has some degree of type 2 diabetes, being overweight increases it, but obesity could also cause other health problems as well. For example, researchers have found that, after adjusting for diabetes, those with a normal weight might have a lower risk of developing colon cancer (a type of cancer where bacteria break down the lining of the stomach and intestines).

So that’s why we all need help losing weight. And that’s why, just like the experts say, the best way we have of losing weight is to lose the extra pounds on your feet. Here are some of the ways we could be helping you:

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