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We know exercise burns belly fat, but don’t you have to get a big enough body to burn it off? The answer is no. Most people who have gained 10 pounds or more lose it all back in a matter of days. But, let’s not overlook the fact in this day and age, there are some ways to burn off some belly fat.

Let’s start with one that will work most of the time even if you have trouble keeping the food down: cardio.

Calories are the currency. A calorie is a unit of energy, whether you eat them or burn them in a gym. And while the amount you burn will vary, you can burn more calories than you consume at the same time, and most people will do if given ample rest.

Exercise burning calories

Exercise burns calories. When you exercise, you have to expend energy to push your body, or muscles, through a process called exercise-induced thermogenesis. The body takes in calories in the form of food, then burns them during the exercise. When you exercise in the heat, the body uses up its internal energy stores, which results in extra heat, which your body needs to work harder to produce. On the cool side of things, when you exercise at night, the body uses its internal heat to work harder.

A diet high in fat, carbohydrate, and protein, combined with a moderate amount of exercise will burn your body more calories than you consume throughout the day. You may find that you get a little fat after exercising, which can be a good time to give that “fat gain” a go. If you have trouble keeping food down and find the appetite is not getting better, try a weight loss diet program with some carbs, such as a low-carb diet.

Weight losses may be possible by adding some more exercise in the form of hiking, biking, walking, or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Try it yourself and see what works. If you’re having trouble losing weight, then perhaps one of these strategies might work for you.

Other tips to burn fat

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In terms of how to burn belly fat, many common strategies seem to be working. But what’s in our food? Does a “balanced” diet really have a huge impact on fat loss? Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do about the food our diet is made up of.

There is no doubt that the foods your diet is made up of have some impact on how fat is

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