How much weight will I lose if I eat 1200 calories a day?

You will start to see more visible fat at the lower portion of the weight loss chart. This is because as we lose body weight, we have less energy. If your current weight is over 30% below your ideal weight you do not want to lose more than 25lbs.

As you lose weight your metabolic rate will drop and it will come out that you eat 1200 to 1700 calories a day. If these calories are not enough, your body will turn to fat and you will start the cycle all over again.

How do I know how much weight should I lose?

Weight loss should not be judged on weight only, it should also account for your current activity level, mental health and overall comfort level. Your weight loss goal should be based on your current lifestyle and activity level so you can still keep your weight in check.

What if I do not lose weight when I start?

If you stop eating healthy, then your body will start to break down all the fat from the muscle and water. If you stop your activity then your body will go into a burn-out state and eventually it will go down to a state of fat cell destruction. You will have been able to lose weight, and you are now trying to gain a whole lot more. If this continues then you are likely in an unsuccessful burn-out phase and should give up on your goal once again.

I lost weight without losing my activity level. What do I do now?
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Your weight loss goal should be based on activity level and calorie needs, not weight alone. If you have been losing weight without losing your activity level then you should probably slow down or stop.

If you need a little extra motivation for your burn-out phase then take a walk to a gym or just take some calisthenics and some cardio. There is no need to be lazy.

What is an average calorie burn?

Most of the calories you burn come from the fat you burn while exercising. The amount of calories you burn through your diet is a far lesser part of your overall calorie intake than just your calories burned from the activities you do. The amount of calories you burn per activity you do will depend on your current health state and physical activity level, your individual metabolism and your activity level.

What are the effects of weight loss at different calorie levels?

The changes in blood sugar levels and insulin levels that result from any weight loss will result in slower blood glucose levels with a subsequent slowing