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Many different diets can be created and tailored for your body. If you’re a beginner, I would recommend the low-carb weight-loss diet. It’s simple, yet offers excellent results.

As a more experienced bodybuilder, if you’re a beginner I would recommend the moderate ketogenic diet, and some ketogenic supplements.

A diet designed to burn fat (and/or carbohydrates) is called low-carb.

2. Is ketosis good for me? Are there any risks associated with ketosis?

Yes. Ketosis is not for everyone.

For instance, some people are allergic to dairy products. If you are such an allergy/sensitive to dairy products don’t follow this ketogenic diet.

If you have trouble eating keto, try to limit protein to 20% of your daily calories for 2-4 weeks before introducing keto.

Also, many people don’t like the taste of ketosis because they don’t like the carbohydrates.

The most important thing is to treat ketosis as a challenge.

You will most likely need to reduce your caffeine intake, alcohol intake (and alcohol byproducts), protein intake, and sugar intake.

Another good rule of thumb is to keep it to 40% of your total calorie intake.

But don’t worry! After a week in a ketogenic high protein, high carbohydrate diet (you’ll see what I’m talking about below), you can feel your body recover and start to recover with less stress.

But keep in mind that the body responds to these drastic calorie changes pretty quickly after getting into ketosis.

3. What’s the ideal ketosis level to reach for weight loss?

The ideal level is to lose around 2% per month. This will ensure that you lose fat more quickly, and that you’re more likely to have the energy needed for weight loss.

Remember, the goal is to lose weight. This has to be your top priority!

It’s hard to predict exactly how quickly your body will start burning fat, and therefore what your ideal ketone levels are.

The idea is that you should be burning fat at 80-85% of your bodyweight and you can start to see a noticeable decrease in your cholesterol and blood pressure. At this level it may be easier to lose weight.

Remember, the important thing is not to rush down this path!

You will lose more fat and muscle the more

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