How much weight can you lose by drinking water? – Printable Weight Loss Meal Plans

That question is actually a lot more intuitive, says Dr. John Safford, a professor at the University of Rochester College of Medicine in Rochester, New York, because the body doesn’t want to make extra weight and loses weight all the time. When you drink water, the body produces an endorphin and other chemicals that make you feel good. For example, drinking five cups of water daily can reduce feelings of hunger by about 40% and increase feelings of thirst by about 50%. (See “The Bottom Line: Drinking Water Reduces Hunger and Shoots Weight”.) The extra weight you lose depends on how much water you drink and how much sugar you eat. A typical American male could lose 50lbs (21.5 kg) with 20 cups of daily water intake, a large study by Niavash Datta, lead researcher at the Center for Food Policy Research estimated. For a person weighing 65lbs (28 kg), the amount of weight lost depends on how much soda you eat and the amount of sugar you drink. If you consume about a diet soda, you could lose 10lbs (4.5kg) after five days, or 4.4% of your body weight, Datta wrote in a commentary, published last month in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Datta’s team found that diet soda and juice don’t have much influence on weight loss over a period of three months when people were weighed daily. The only difference between the groups in weight loss between the three months was in the amount of fruit juice they consumed. A typical American woman should limit herself to 1 cup (30ml) a day, Datta wrote. (See the graphic above from Niavash Datta.) Diet soda is also much worse for teeth than regular soda. People who drank diet soda during a four-month period developed more than twice the amount of tooth loss compared with people who didn’t drink soda. Even a single serving of diet soda has about the same amount of calories as 1.5 cups of table sugar, one study said. (See our quiz to see if you could lose 60lbs by eating less sugar.) As for the amount of fluid you absorb with each drink, it depends on what the fluid is. A regular cup of water holds about 6.4 ounces (200ml). A 16 oz. can of diet soda has about 3.7 ounces (90ml) of water. But if you put the soda down at the table, each serving has about 1 ounce (28 millilitres) of

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