Does sweating burn belly fat? – Diet Pills That Actually Work Fast

And can it help you lose weight?

For most healthy people, sweating produces the body’s biggest energy-sippling hormone, cortisol, which can raise blood pressure or cause heartburn. For some, the feeling of sweating is a sign they need to take a break from eating, but for some, sweating can also raise levels of hormones like prolactin and cortisol that promote overeating and weight gain.

While a little bit of sweating can make you thirsty and irritate the mouth, excess sweating can actually help your metabolism; it’s why some dieters can shed pounds while not gaining as much weight as others do. It’s also why people with obesity can lose weight while maintaining lean mass even when their calories are less than normal.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sweating actually increases body temperature in people with high metabolic rates, even when they don’t feel thirsty. The study also showed that sweating can keep fat cells from burning fat and fat deposits from accumulating on the body. Since sweating also makes the tongue more sensitive to taste, many people experience a warm taste or a dry mouth after sweating.

If you still sweat much or frequently, take heart: There are various remedies for keeping your sweat glands working. One popular option is to use an antacids or cooling drink. Most antacids and hot tub treatments are not recommended outside of a health care professional’s office, and can cause digestive upset for people in an advanced stage of dehydration. Another solution is an antispasmodic treatment, which helps regulate a person’s fluid metabolism and regulates sodium levels in the body.

How to keep from sweating?

If you’re sweating more than usual but aren’t hungry, you may need to drink more water or eat salty snacks. If you find sweat distressing, don’t sweat too much – just think of your sweat as your stress reaction.

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