Does drinking water help you lose weight? – Weight Loss Exercises At Home For Beginners

There is conflicting evidence on whether drinking water will help weight loss. In other words, people are reporting that drinking lots of water works for them and are not finding it useful, whereas they are reporting that drinking less water helps them lose weight. So it really depends on who you talk to.

What is so hard about drinking water? Is it a struggle?

Water is a natural product—you have no trouble drinking it. You just have to have patience and learn not to drink it in excess.

Can you drink too much water?

For women, it’s not advisable. People usually start drinking to excess at about the mid-20s, so it can be a little difficult at that age.

I want to lose weight slowly—does drinking as much water as you can really help with that?

For people who are on a diet, it makes sense to drink lots of water, but for those who don’t eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, it actually takes them longer to lose weight. It’s also possible not to drink any water at all. However, if you don’t drink water regularly, then you can increase the amount of water you’re drinking.

Does drinking any water help improve blood circulation?

No. You can drink a lot from your mouth or get out a straw, but that doesn’t help with blood circulation. There is a myth that drinking lots of water helps with blood circulation, but actually it’s because many people believe that because it’s made from water, it has something to do with blood circulation.

So water also has some effect on blood flow as well, doesn’t it?
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Not necessarily. People have this experience of being more alert after drinking water. It doesn’t mean that drinking more water will help you do anything better on your own, but it suggests to some people that there are other things going on than just drinking water.

Do you have any other advice for weight loss?

I have no specific advice, I just encourage people to take in a lot of water and to drink a lot of water. I like to recommend that people drink lots of water with a good meal at breakfast, and at the end of the meal, drink quite a lot of water to flush the stomach. It is okay to have an alcoholic meal later on in the day, but at least don’t have that as it can be really bitter.

And it can hurt your stomach?

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