Is spray painting easy? – Spray Paint Artdiy

Well the first thing you will need is the proper spray sprayer such as a Bic or a Nautica. These can also be used for professional painting on the wall and the garage door. I use them all the time. Once your paint is ready you can spray the garage door paint using a roller and make sure to spray inside.

1. Start by making sure your garage is well ventilated (with a fan and a large vent opening if possible).

2. If your garage can only vent air to one side (side where the door is) you can use the same spray paint trick described in the opening paragraph but spray the outside of the door.

3. Place the roller on the garage door. You should see a streak where the roller touched the paint.

4. Apply to the outside of the door, again make sure you spray inside. Apply enough on the outside so the entire door is covered.

5. Leave the paint at least a couple of hours. If you apply the paint outside and leave it long, the door can get dusty and discolored. Make sure the paint is completely dry before you remove the roller.

Before you use a roller and spray paint, make sure it is not too flat. You may also need to add a small amount of a clear coat on top of the spray paint, or even better, a clear coat of a clear acrylic like clear acrylic paint, but the paint will still need to spread throughout the walls.

What are these ‘gaskets’ that you can attach to the outside wall of my garage?

Some walls are more prone to corrosion (the rust or corrosion of the metal itself) than others. The rust gaskets I recommend are the one made by CCA but I will also point you to something else that looks similar.

If it looks like this:

It’s called O-Racer.

They are cheap (about $5 each) but work. The reason I include this in a DIY article is to make it clear that you can use O-Racer as a filler for garage doors without damaging them or potentially damaging the paint job.

My garage door doesn’t seem to be completely dry. Whoa that stuff looks like drywall and I’m not seeing much light. I’m really worried because the sprayer was spraying very bright light. My garage needs extra protection!

Well if these light spots keep appearing, just spray the next time

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