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Here are some good resources if you decide to go for it:

How well do laser cut parts go together?

I had a few mistakes, and that was it.

The first is making sure the correct part is cut first. I found the best way to do this is to cut the part on the table and then hold the part on your work bench with the blade parallel to the table edge. This way you can just hold the whole thing in place. This method also works great for cutting the parts if you want a straight cut. Another way is to just mark a line on the piece. (I did not try the second way, since it didn’t work for me but it could be good if you have a good cutter.) Once you have the piece cut, hold the work bench edge in the cutting position while you start cutting the pieces in the opposite position: left hand to the right side vs right hand to the left; and then keep the line in your hand and just move it around until you find the line.

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Here’s the completed board with the holes marked out to make the cuts.

Once you have all the wood cut and all the pieces have been laid out and glued and put back together make sure they all line up and that you cut all the holes the same way (not over the edges like above, but with the entire surface line down to one side, but make sure all the holes are all cut exactly the same way.)

Now the hard part…it’s time to put the parts together. This can obviously be done anywhere you have a good cutting area. I started by placing the entire board on a cutting surface, along with all the cutting parts, and then took a piece of masking tape and stuck it on where the first cut would be.

I then applied a layer of clear coat to the part to make it easier to see when I cut.

This is the finished assembly.

I have to say the best part is probably that it looks exactly like what I drew in Paint Shop Pro and when you assemble it everything looks as it should. I had to make some adjustments in my parts to get them fit as much as possible, but it worked out well.

After the assembly is complete you just need to put it all back together and you should have the exact result you were hoping for.

Now, what are the benefits of laser cutting?

For me the most powerful tool is my laser cutter. I

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