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It’s an all-natural anti-oxidant based on the antioxidant polyphenols in wild-caught or wild-caught-in-water-locals. (It also works like a primer for other substances, such as carrageenan, that help keep your skin soft and supple while protecting and beautifying it.)

SINGAPORE – A police spokeswoman has apologized for a post on Facebook about the use of “black magic pills”.

According to the Facebook post, the pills – which are a popular form of “black magic” – can cause violent fits, severe anxiety attacks and even psychosis.

The post, on July 4, has drawn criticism on social media from users who said that it was racist and that Singapore society is not ready for black magic.

“Just imagine it was an official police post and its target was something like a mental disorder. It would have been removed or blocked. That post would have been censored and deleted,” wrote one. “Black magic pills are dangerous. They have no scientific basis.”

Another user wrote on Facebook, “Police can get sick and become paranoid when the drugs they use cause a psychosis.”

In response to the Facebook post, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said the post was deleted from its official social media account, as “we value social inclusion and encourage respectful and appropriate conversations on social media”.

“Since the recent comments, a police officer has also been transferred from social media,” the SPF said in a statement on its official Facebook page, adding that the Facebook page was “under review at this time”.

The statement also said the matter had been investigated by police, and it would review it once a case had been filed in court.

A court would consider the police’s account, and whether the post was “legally defamatory”, said the Police Department’s Facebook page.

This pattern is available

Cuff-down sweater features a simple lace edging with short rows.

A long row of lace edging at the nape of the neck adds a finishing touch to this short sweater.

For smaller sizes, follow the instructions for Long Row Edging for the neck and back.

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Aghanim Yarns Yule Ball – ‘Yule Ball’, 100% Superwash Merino Wool; 260 yards / 160 meters of lace weight yarn.

Aghanim Yarns Xs – ‘Yule Ball

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