How do you spray paint a compressor? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

I’ve been doing that for a couple years and had never worked on a compressor I didn’t have to. I didn’t even know anyone who had any experience doing this. Once I figured out the process it was really a no brainer. I did start from scratch and I found a lot of people who had done this in the past, but that’s because I’m the best. I’m doing this with a good friend of mine. He’s a contractor and he’s got other jobs he does. So I did it all from his house, or I found an industrial supply store so I brought that in to use. The job was to paint the inside of the compressor and all the piping. The only other kind of work involved is the gaskets, the bolts, the ball bearings. Then I had to do the final piece on the outside where the compressor is.

What kind of tools did you need? I did have this big paint brush I needed to make sure it was perfectly clean and it was dry. It was painted white to match the inside of the compressor, because I had painted it white and I couldn’t paint it black. And now I painted the paint off the compressor so it’s almost just a solid color.

What kind of work did you end up doing in such a short time? I had never done anything like that before, especially with a compressor. I didn’t have a lot of experience with other kinds of contractors, so to have no experience in other types of contractors I had an advantage in how much of it I could do and how much I could get done. It’s great I finally have the job, because of the amount of work and the amount of hours and the amount of money I spent. It took me one day to get it right and I had to get an extra day of work, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not going to come out wrong and it’s not going to be bad. I worked all the way through and it came out fine.
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Have I missed your work so far? I’ve had another day or two to finish it. But I think this week I finished around two or three days.

Was it stressful at all to paint the compressor? I feel like I had some stress in the beginning of painting it. What I’m doing now for the compressor is just as stressful because it has a lot of hardware under the hood. I’m just thinking, well this might be the most important thing, so I think I’m

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