Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Spray Paint Art Game

Not really. Rustoleum is, for instance, more expensive than Krylon. (To be fair, both are better than a paint that hasn’t been allowed to dry thoroughly.) For most applications, a little Krylon can’t hurt, but some coatings — e.g., spray paint — can be very bad. And Krylon, when used in certain applications (like oil-based finish coatings) can be a little aggressive and toxic.

Can you use Krylon to paint a vehicle? I don’t know. In many car-body industries, coatings are used more and more frequently because of the greater wear over time. Some paint systems that are very hard for Krylon to adhere to are often less than desirable. Krylon is just as good as oil, though. Here’s how I would advise painting on a vehicle.

To paint using Krylon paint, I’d try it on the surface, preferably with light pressure applied to get it on well. The surface must be wet — which could be a good problem if you don’t have a lot of paint laying around, e.g., a car that’s been in the garage for some time. Krylon can’t be placed on dry surfaces (not even if you are washing it, a good idea if you’re using it on a painting job); it’s better to have it apply. Then, apply a thin coat of white paint, in this case the “K” color of Krylon, and brush in to the surface. The application should be done slowly, using more and more pressure as the paint dries, up to the point where a small blob emerges. Don’t paint on the surface (as the Krylon will get caught underneath), as the result will be a white-to-orange smear (not a good look, anyway). You can also use Krylon to apply a coating to vehicle windshields: a little Krylon, white paint, and a little plastic.

Some people do recommend that when using Krylon-based paint, they put down a couple of drops of water on the surface (with the white paint or Krylon), and then brush across with more water until the paint is mixed in very well to the surface and you can paint over it. It’s possible they’re all wrong, but I haven’t seen any documented evidence that this works, at least not with Krylon white.

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