Who makes Krylon spray paint? – Spray Paint Canvas

The Krylons are very popular in the US because there are no other options available, especially since you can get them for free or at a discount with online retailers.

What do Krylon spray paint colors look like?

It depends on the manufacturer but most companies offer several versions of the same color.

You can find Krylon spray paint in a range of color combinations, including:

White and White, or light blue

Lighter yellow, or light pink, or light green

Bright red, or hot pink

Orange or Yellow, or dark red

Blue, or medium blue, or light blue

Pink or light pink

White, or black

What color can you find in a Krylon spray paint bottle?

They offer several variations that you can change or mix, and even mix yourself. Some have special names like ‘Honey’, ‘Piggy’ or ‘Cow’. One common product that you can buy is called Krylon Blue.

Krylon White, Yellow or Red are also available.

Krylon is the largest maker of Krylon spray paint in the US, controlling 40% of the market in the US.

Where do you buy Krylon paint?

Krylon is available from a wide variety of online and manufacturer’s stores. A number of companies sell Krylon.

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