Can I spray paint paper?

Can I just throw the dry brush on and go?

Of course! You can still spray paint with a watergun on paper that you’ve rolled out! However, you do need to make sure you spray the paper as you would a dry brush.

How do we know when the paint is dry?

You’ll likely see a little droplets of paint on the paper. These will stay the same color for several months, so don’t let the dry brush mess you up.

Can I use this wet brush to paint on my own?

Absolutely. Use the exact same method you would to paint on a photo. Spray a little water on the paper and dab your finger or small brush on the paper. The more water you apply, the better you’ll get at painting the wet brush onto the paper.

Where can I read more? The dry brush tutorial video is included at the end of the post.

And now, some tips to help you along…

Step 1 – Choose Your Type

Before starting any painting, there are plenty of different paints to choose from, from watercolor to metallic. There is a lot you can do with a variety of paints, but you’ll need both the dry brush and watercolour tool to really get a handle on what you want, and what you lack.

You’ll want to pick one type of paint to use when painting. It all comes down to personal preference.

Watercolor paints – you can do more with them. Use them as a general rule of thumb, and you’ll probably end up getting just enough. However, they can be messy and can sometimes make a mess.

Watercolor dry brushes – These will make the most of the watercolour tools, and you can add your own little touches. You can brush your own color onto the wet brush if you want, or paint from a watercolor palette you’ve got on hand. You can make your own watercolors quickly. Don’t think you need to buy them to make something cool like the Wet Nurse at Burning Man, though.

Metallic paints – This is a no-brainer in my book! Metal and paint combine to give you a variety of styles you can do with, as well as creating a unique style that you like all at once. You’ll probably want to go with one type of paint to do this.

I used to use a dry brush on everything! My mom once said if you paint with a