Does spray paint contain lead?

Spray paint is not generally recommended for children younger than 4 years of age. It is not clear whether spray paint contains lead as a component of paint, or whether it is added to the paint as a solvent. In general, it appears that spray paint is a color additive that is intended to enhance the appearance of the skin or hair color while also protecting it from deterioration. Because of this, the use of spray paint for children is not recommended.

Spray paint can cause problems when it is used by those with allergies to chemicals, lead, pesticides, metals and other chemicals found in paint. However, a spray paint manufacturer’s warning regarding this fact does not always prevent parents or children from using the product.

For more information about the effect spray paint has on humans, please see “Acetone, Lead and the Children.”

Is spray paint considered to be safe?

Spray paint contains solvents. It can react with paint finishes and cause severe burns on children who touch a solvent-sprayed surface. Children who are sensitive to solvents should avoid using spray paint for that reason.

If you are concerned about a child’s health, your child should consult a health care provider before using a product containing toxic solvents such as paint sealants, paint stripper, or spray sealants. See “Acetone/Lead: Are There Toxicity and Health Effects?” if they have questions about their health related to using products containing solvents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children aged 12 years or younger, regardless of their skin or hair color, avoid handling any product that contains these chemicals.

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Is sprinkler water safe?

Sprinkle-spray paint and spray-spray paint products are not safe for residential swimming pools. These products should not be used in a swimming pool because it can contaminate the pool water.

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Is it true that sprinkler water may contain lead?

No. It was not true for many decades that sprayspray paints or paint sealants contained lead. The paint manufacturers are now actively doing research regarding some of the lead-containing components in paint products, but this research has not yet been completed and therefore the safety status of spray paint products as they contain lead is uncertain. We have not received a request for a list of ingredients, so we do not have a list of ingredients that should be removed from spray paint that should not be exposed