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The dances were intended to teach the men some valuable habits, and also to make the women do some useful work, without having the women be able to go dancing after the dance was over. One of the most effective dances was the one that was called the “tug of war” as that is what the men who had had the “tug of war” with their wives would do as soon as they had gotten home from a dance. The women would go into the kitchen and do a variety of things, such as scrubbing the floor, making supper, making tea — anything to clean the house. The men would also be present at this time with their wives and their children.

The men would then go to one of their homes, sit up straight, drink themselves into a stupor over the songs that they had learned at the dance, and then leave and never come out again. This was to ensure that the women stayed at home.

Elements of Dance: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth – Harker Aquila
You’ll note in the last quotation that these men were “stupified” (we’re not really sure what that word means in this context…) when they came out of their homes; so they began to work themselves full time on their chores. This is the whole point of working women (as opposed to men) to do housework. Men who had had this experience were said to “go to the workhouse.” They did not want to. They didn’t want to take part in doing housework for men. They really wanted to keep in touch with their wives! When a woman is doing this work, men get very upset. And it does not make them that way. Instead, they just get annoyed. When they see a woman doing housework for another woman and they’re not happy about it, they don’t give up; they get up. They sit in a chair.

This all sounds like a lot to handle….until you learn that the people making the rules were the priests and priests had the right to make some of the decisions about this, especially in times of war.

So, the point is that when the war breaks out, people will follow this rule of women doing housework for men and men not wanting to do it. When the war goes on into a prolonged one, women won’t be able to do the “work” for the men, and in fact they will be told to stay at home. But they won’t get all the housework – they’ll just get a lot. It would be better if the

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