What are the benefits of dance mixers? – Old Folk Dances

A great way to share a track with friends and family who might not have the same knowledge as those in the mix.

Mixers should be a part of the dance scene, so that all music lovers can enjoy dance music on the same system. They are a huge part of the dance culture (so much so that dance mixers are also called “DJs”). DJs are often people who have been DJing for a while. Mixer’s are expected to be able to improvise and have a broad idea of how to use an audio interface (i.e. USB, line in, MIDI).

Mixers should be free (no “pay what you can”). Mixers should not be required to pay for licenses on their own systems. Mixers who choose to buy the license will generally have their own equipment. You will have some control, but there is still a level of mic or line in.

What are the benefits of the mic?
Hofstetter, Christina / Ayala Dance Production

Dance music has one of the largest number of mic choices (up to 40). So you will find mic choices of all types–from traditional (preamps) to modern (preamps + reverb) to even weird stuff (compressed analog, or mixed in with the digital in realtime). All these choices give you more options than you would normally have to play a song.

What are the benefits of mixing by ear?

Playing a song with your ears is definitely one of your favorite things! All you really need to remember is to listen for things, like “feeling the drum, the cymbals, the kick drum, and the bass.” Just be aware of this if you decide to take your mix on the road or with someone else. This is true with most music, and even if you don’t want to listen to the song yourself, you will probably need someone to listen to it for you, or record you. But this method is a great starting point!

What are the benefits of live performance in general?

Most dancers don’t really “do” dance performance. They spend more time “getting lost” (i.e. walking, sitting, stretching, or whatever). Many dancers don’t have access to expensive equipment and a great set of dance shoes. Live performances in general allow dancers a much different experience than when they are at home, because you get to experience the dance in front of hundreds/thousands of people. You can literally have many different people dancing with you at

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