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It seems to have been invented a few centuries later and is not very hard to explain.

Rumba (or “ra-baba” according to the local Bantu speakers) is a rhythm dance that is found most often in African countries. Rumba starts with the traditional “ra” sound, in which the vocal cords are held straight out to either side of the head. It becomes a slightly faster, more aggressive (and rhythmically complex), slower, slower and more rhythmic version that continues throughout the rest of the body. The rhythm and tempo changes vary with the rhythm of the beat.

When Rumba music is performed at its highest level, there is usually lots of shouting. That means there will sometimes be a lot of people and there can often be dancing and singing (a lot of what goes on in Africa is called singing).

There are different styles of Rumba dancing. There are two main types of Rumba style:

the “stomp” style, which started in the nineteenth century, often with a strong rhythmic edge to it. The dancer usually holds back the feet, and then jumps up and down with a jump, and when the rhythm stops, the dancer stops as well. This is a sort of dance for the masses.

the “rumba jongle” style, a slightly slower, more dancelike form. It involves keeping time by kicking the heel of the foot backwards, and the knees up.

Some dance styles are very popular and popular music has spread into them, like the Nguema dance

Another aspect of Rumba dance is that some dancers go with the music and others don’t. Some dancers do dance movements to the music. Others don’t dance to the music in any way. They also don’t make any noise. This means that the dancers can be more expressive, although in a more passive and subdued manner than in the West.
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Rumba is the common Bantu way of life and Rumba dancers also do a lot of music. It is thought that the music in Bantu music is even more rhythmic than American Rumba. Even though there is a small amount of classical music, which is very strong but less rhythmic in rhythm, most of it in Bantu music, Rumba and Western classical music are very powerful, strong and melodic. So, if you are new to dancing and want to try your hand at it

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