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The dance community is diverse, and different peoples are involved in various forms of dance—ranging from classical, to tango, to jazz—and all of their unique styles are represented in Toronto. There are many ways in which dance can be used to help people develop their sense of self and to overcome the effects of addiction. Here are some questions to consider before you begin to experiment.

Will dancing be therapeutic for you?

Can you dance or play music to help?

Did you know some dance artists are trained in the medical field?

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Can you dance or play music to alleviate withdrawal symptoms?

How can you help yourself?

In some circles, there has been a belief that music can cure or prevent addiction. If you are interested in hearing more thoughts, you can contact Dr. Paul Leibowitz at:

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In Toronto there are many treatment providers offering both addiction treatment and general medical services. As well, there is more than one mental-health clinic in the city on campus of the University of Toronto. The City of Toronto is also home to an addiction-management program for people in need of help. Many people living in the city are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction.

All of those services, as well as support for individuals and families at all levels, are covered by the following programs.

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