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How Social Justice Applies to Our Human Role in Nature ...
Dancing has been traditionally seen as a men’s sport: the dancers are generally young men while we women are rarely seen dance around. But women have, in recent years, been finding themselves part of the show. A lot of our dances that I see are really feminist.

It seems that modern dance is a new form of protest movement – can you tell us a bit about why?

It’s like the women’s movement: it is being born out of a desire to change the system. It is all about making dance as socially acceptable as it is, so it can help raise consciousness about women’s oppression and oppression of other people. At the same time it is being created for a new generation of young people to play, learn, and learn from. We want to encourage them to participate and feel like they can have a presence in the scene, rather than just being a performer in a club. And it’s about looking at the whole world and seeing that things are not necessarily what they seem.

By the end of the decade, the “dissent channel” – or “Facebook in the media” – will become the “Facebook in the country”, a leading media analyst has warned.

Seth Abramson, executive content director for media at the non-partisan research firm Media Matters, told the Huffington Post that social media will soon be viewed as the “political news stream” for “those who don’t like the news”.

“I think it’s going to be an interesting period in time for us. If you start looking at the way Facebook and Twitter and other platforms are used in terms of their ability to reach voters and convey information to them, those in power are going to try to keep an eye on that,” he said.

“They won’t keep an eye on that as long as the country is under Democratic (President) Barack Obama; as long as it’s an era of rising incomes, increasing wealth, more freedom and increased opportunity in America.”

Abramson said the “dissent channel” is where dissent is most likely to occur.

Facebook has repeatedly denied any link to Russian meddling in the US election cycle. But as Abramson noted, the Kremlin does seem to have a keen interest in the platform.

“If we look at the way they use the social media platforms, we have got a very close association with the Russian government, not just politically but in terms of the way they think.”

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