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That depends on where you are.


We hear a lot of talk about social dance these days, but you wouldn’t know it from the comments you hear on Facebook and Twitter. But let’s be honest: The concept’s been around in one form or another since the 18th century. There are lots of different styles to choose from:



Solo Dancing


If you don’t know about some of these, go back to high school and do some work in the piano. For many performers, dancing is more of an intro to self-expression.

It’s an even bigger concept in classical ballet—but it’s been around for centuries. The term social dance comes from 17th-century French word, “société,” literally translated literally into classical dance. It’s about what it means to share and celebrate a common culture or tradition.

Social dancers tend to be social people. They tend to be older and have more traditional backgrounds, and the style and technique is more akin to traditional ballet. That said, it’s not a traditional classical ballet dance. But it’s still good for some fun in the heat of the moment or for dancing around a crowded room. It can also work well with a jazz band or orchestra.

Social Dancing

As a rule, social dancing is for those that are interested in music and dancing together. But you can also mix social dancing with any of the other styles we’re talking about. I recently had the pleasure of playing in a social dance event in Paris, which went well. The venue was packed and there wasn’t a lot of people hanging out to drink and hang out and watch me. I was able to enjoy my music and dance with like-minded people while not being judged for my dance skill. In short, everyone danced.


If you’re looking for social dancing lessons in your town or city, check out any of this list of social dancing centers and lessons:

Avant-garde & modern dances by Richard Neutra, The Dance Project

Artistic dances by David Pape, Dance Studio, Los Angeles

Ballet dances by Robert Dickel, Dance Central Dance Studio, Chicago

Dance by the Sea Dance, New York City

Classical Dance and social dance by David O’Brien, Citi Dance

Jazz by the Sea Dance, New York City


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