Is hip hop a social dance? – Social Theories In Psychology

What about dubstep?

I think it’s not a “dance” at all. It’s a sort of a dance, which doesn’t mean any more than one is listening to electronic music, it means you’ve been watching some sort of performance on television. Hip hop’s been around so long and evolved so much that it can feel like it’s just been in the news.

Can people still argue whether or not there is a social dance going on – is it just because they have a digital computer.

What hip hop represents most of all, and what the word dance is for, is that it is something that can be understood by everybody. You don’t have to have a high level of intelligence to know it’s hip hop. I love all of it, but I think the difference between us people that listen to it – is that many of us are actually born hip hop fans. Hip hop has a lot of the same elements that people from other cultures do with music: dance and dance music; and you get a feel for it, even if there’s not a lot of dance around.

What is your relationship to dubstep?

It started in the U.K. I think Dubmuzik first started in the ’80s and now it’s a very successful genre of music in the U.K. That’s what gives it the advantage. It’s probably one of the biggest dub producers around and also the biggest producer. A lot of us from the hardcore scene used to listen to him [Dubmuzik], too.

Do you think that if Dubmuzik was in school today?

I think he’d probably get a lot better grades. I would agree with that. I think Dubmuzik wouldn’t be able to get enough money at all or get anywhere with the amount of work he does with it. He was making some big money.

What do you think of the dubstep scene in America?

I hope it keeps on growing. My friend from England started doing it and everybody was like “oh my god man, what’s the f***,” or “what do you think about this?” I think it’s good, it’s different enough for people to like and have a good time with it. The thing I would’ve liked it to have happened the most is just for people to have a good time and have a couple of tunes to listen to and enjoy and just be entertained by it. That sounds pretty normal

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