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One dance in your set does not fit all. This can be determined by the set as well as your set design. You are free to choose your own and use this when you need to. There is a specific dance that is chosen by an artist that a lot of people choose to dance in their sets because of how unique that move can be. For example “The Bizzare” and “The Pussycat” are very similar because of their similarity to one another.

It’s been a long time coming, but with the arrival of iOS 11, Apple is finally making good on the promise it first made in iOS 9. It’s time to say goodbye to the lock screen. In this installment, we’ll look to a more practical way to have an iPhone that doesn’t make you feel the need to check your lock screen at all times.

To that end, let’s talk about what a non-lock screen setup is.

1. Make it usable

The Apple Home Kit app is the app that has most people running with, but even if you’re not, you should definitely install these apps so that they can keep you updated with iOS security updates. There are no additional apps required.

2. Turn off the “no security” setting

The “no security” setting is an excellent way to give your lock screen a chance to turn the other cheek and remain functional. There are no apps required to do so. If you aren’t in dire need of a safe house, you should probably leave this setting off.

3. Make the lock screen a little more practical

By default, the lock screen shows you the time of day, weather forecast, a list of nearby stores, and a list of what you can buy with an Apple Pencil. As you can see, these can be very useful, but there’s a lot more functionality you can add to a lock screen with those features.

4. Choose the lock screen wallpaper

One of the best parts of the iPhone is when you go to look at your phone — or indeed any mobile device for that matter — in a different kind of light — and when you do, you instantly see how modern and easy it is. That’s no better when you have a lock screen.

For example, the lock screen’s wallpapers can be a bit of a challenge to find, so here are a few suggestions for you:

Use an external wallpaper (either as a dock, or on

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