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How do I do a better job of retouching?

Well, I’ve long been known as the guy who gives photo retouching a bad name because I think it’s just something that we do when we look at what the client sent us, because we have a camera on our hands. Most of us will do it, and we all have different experiences, so I’ll show you how to best do it in this blog post.
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Let’s look at a simple example for illustration, a very simple sketch illustration of a bird, and then a more complex illustration. I would like to have them so that they stand out in my computer, so I’ll use the following technique that I use when I look at my image; I’ll take all of the details from the sketch and I’ll try to make it look better.

How do I do a better job ?

You get started by taking all of the detail that was in your sketch and then put it into Photoshop and apply some texture and sharpening to make the details stand out more.

Do you see the difference there? The detail in the sketch and the illustration are so different, and here I’m trying to put more “texture and sharpening to make it look better”… I’ll have to admit that I actually did. I like the result, but I’m not satisfied with it yet… I had some problems to use it properly. I had to make a lot of corrections, so I’ll show you how I tried to do it. I did this using the Pen tool, and I’m going to show you how to get yourself going with this. But first let’s go through some basic adjustments you can make to your illustration so it’s better looking when you’re finished. You will see how to quickly bring the sketch out more and more like the illustration is getting better and better.

How do I improve when I’re retouching ?

To better retouch an illustration and make it stand out more, there are a few things that you can do. One is to look at the brushstrokes of your image and then do a little “tweak” with the brush. Try to get it to look more like the sketch and less like your thumbnail image. The illustration will look so much better when it looks more like the image, and it’s something that will make you happy when you’re using Photoshop.

Here is the image again using the Pen tool, I’ll show you how to get yourself

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