Is photography growing or declining? – Can You Make Money Off A Viral Video

The growth is not. I have more people emailing me now every year than in the entire previous 20 years. And that includes the two decades of ’96-’98 – in the years when photographers were going through hell. This doesn’t suggest a big turnaround or a big growth. It means that, despite every step taken to modernize and expand the business, photography continues to have a solid, well-defined customer base.
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The market is very tight. The industry’s growth will never change. If you’re a professional photographer, it is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your reputation.

Why do I think people take pictures of this sort today that they wouldn’t take otherwise?

This is the big question. I’ll answer it in two categories. First, I’ll say why. Second, I’ll point to examples.

The biggest reason photographers want to get better photographers is that they want to get paid a living wage. The second biggest is that they want to be able to work with their favorite photographers. These are the two elements that are the most important to a lot of photographers, but they’re not the only factors.

You know that guy who takes these great pictures of the world and has some great friends who make great money from the photos? Of course he gets paid. But the fact that he’s a good photographer is not important to him. It’s the fact that he’s a rich photographer that makes him want to pay the rent.

Why do people take these pictures of this sort today that they wouldn’t take otherwise? The answer is that the photo needs to be interesting enough. It needs to be a picture worth taking of something interesting. There is no guarantee that a picture of another person will be interesting. It just has to be. It doesn’t mean it has to be good. It just has to be.

Second, people see things in them that they wouldn’t see before and they like those things. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think it’s a strong emotion the way that photography is. I’ve worked with people who don’t see as much in pictures as they used to but still like photographing.

Finally, photography attracts and is fascinated by a kind of perfectionism. I think it’s just like perfectionism. I think that the people who take pictures and love photographing, and also people who don’t like seeing what’s not there on the page or not photographed and dislike other types of photography

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