How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – Make Money On Youtube Without Your Own Videos

“Your photographs can’t be used to endorse or promote goods or services.”
“The photograph must not be used to promote anything other than a family event or a private party.” “The image must be of one of your family only.”

“You cannot sell the image on your Facebook page.”
“Your parents may have agreed to the use of your photo for purposes other than official government use only, and you may be asked to provide a signed statement from them.”
“If you feel you have been exploited, it would be a good idea to let a legal representative know.”
“Report the incident to the legal authorities. Contact information is available at
“Please do not rely on the law regarding your rights in an internet related dispute.”
“A legal representative may also be able to help you investigate your rights.”
“Report these issues to the relevant court.”
“Report the matter to the relevant government body.”
How can I check if my photo has been used, for example by a Facebook “liking” system or a “like” function?
You can check the status of your Facebook photo by clicking here and clicking the “View photo” link in the upper right hand corner. Check your status by clicking on the picture. If you do not see pictures of my face, and no image of the person is visible on the screen, your status may be wrong. If you still see pictures of my face, you should check your profile.
What can I do about my Facebook “liking” or a “like” system that uses my photograph without my consent and without my express “written consent”?
What if my parent, spouse or child “likes” my picture? 
“The photograph must not have been included in any form; or posted as a status with ‘likes’. The picture may be displayed on your account in a private section only.” “You cannot have your photograph posted on your Facebook page by your children without your written permission.”
Can my parents post my picture?
You cannot “dislike” a Facebook photo. If someone “likes” your photo, this means you should not like the picture on your own Facebook profile.
My friend “Likes” (like) my portrait photo, but I have not “liked” it… where can I send an email or post an comment?
It is a legal “guilty until proven innocent” rule – the fact that we have each “liked” the photo at first does not indicate

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