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To find out how, read the following blog post by photographer, Dan Schorr.

How to sell your own product?

One of the biggest selling points when launching an e-commerce business is the ability to sell your own product – this is what most photographers and product manufacturers, including Amazon, have done. However, there are several things that many people fail to do that can have very serious financial and legal implications for you and your business.

In this post, I describe several of the things that can cause you to be sued for selling something that is illegal, and that you have no legal right to sell.

Also, here is an overview that you can read to really make your own mind up as to whether you should or should not sell your own product.

Why should you care about selling your own product?

Before getting into why selling your own product is a huge deal, here is a quick overview about the laws at work in selling your own product.

You can claim some of these laws have been on the books since the early 1900s, but for the purposes of this article, we will start with what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in the US, has stated:

1. The seller of a good or a service is liable for a sale under federal law when:

the good or service is offered for sale, and the seller fails to provide adequate directions for obtaining the good or service in a reasonable manner;

the seller does not comply with a consumer’s directions; and

the consumer becomes aware of a defect in the good or service that makes it not acceptable for sale in its present condition.

Where is a sale to be made?

Before answering whether or not you can make money selling your own product, you need to know how sales actually happen in the US in order to ensure you are not committing a federal law violation, as most sellers don’t have any salespeople on their team. If you are selling your own product directly to buyers, and you are not getting paid for the privilege, you are in violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act, which prohibits unfair competition between sellers and consumers.

2. You must take steps to avoid conflicts of interest or fraudulent practices. Salespeople must take affirmative steps to protect themselves by establishing reasonable business contacts with prospective customers. Such business contacts must include, without limitation, salespeople that are not related to the seller, that are under no obligation to the seller

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