Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Photos Make Money Fast Online

Mostly yes. Most of the professional photographers in the world take their classes in photography. I have taught a few classes of my own and I would say 99 percent of the students at my university are interested in this discipline and that is the main reason why it is such a big deal.

What are some of the reasons why a degree in photography is valuable in your opinion?

As someone who is in love with photos, if given the choice of taking classes or spending the rest of my life working in Hollywood or New York you probably pick the course. Photography is more of a personal discipline you can apply to yourself. The first three weeks you learn some basic fundamentals of how to compose pictures and get a feel for lighting. You learn what things to shoot and how to do a certain shot, how to achieve the mood of a certain moment. You know exactly what to do and how to do it so you can make the shots you want. You get a better grasp on light, composition, techniques, how to compose a composition. You’re basically learning the fundamentals of how to go from a concept to a finished picture, a finished image that you can print and sell and make a buck.

After this class you’re supposed to take a two week photography “bootcamp” that covers a little bit of everything. It’s more of an introduction to how to do things like getting a camera out and getting yourself ready to shoot in real time. I took about two weeks of that bootcamp and I would highly recommend it. It teaches you the essentials, how camera settings work, how to shoot from certain angles and things like that. You don’t see that in high-school art class, which is always taught by a famous photographer. You don’t see that in photography class in college, where it’s taught by one or two students who all are amazing photographers but the ones in the class are usually pretty bad shooters. You learn in photography class how to actually handle your camera and that makes a big difference.

When was the last time you took class for photography?

I was in high school. It was a class for photography called “Photography Essentials for Photographers” and I took it for two weeks in college because my high school was out of shape. The school would send me away to take classes that would normally be in the school or out of town, but the school didn’t have time to send me away because, well, we were out of shape and they didn’t have time

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