How do Instagram photographers make money? – How To Earn Money From Youtube Video Views

That’s the most interesting question on every photographer’s mind.

How do Instagram photographers make money? That’s the most interesting question on every photographer’s mind.

When you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably seen this question pop up more than once. When you first started on Instagram, there were two kinds of people on Instagram: photographers and followers. The two groups share different values: photographers shoot for fun and followers shoot to build followers. But what happens if you get out of both worlds?

What happens if you get out of both worlds?

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If you’re someone who’s been photographing people for the past few years or for a lot of years, you’re probably quite aware and comfortable with the terms Instagram and social media. But if you do the math, you probably are. Here’s the problem: there’s no easy way to make money off Instagram. It’s a completely unregulated platform, one that hasn’t been very developed in terms of regulation and transparency, with most photos posted without any sort of explanation.

What would you do if you were to try to make money on Instagram? The idea is pretty simple. Get a professional photographer (or a friend or family member) to pose for you, and then share the photo in a way where you can make $200-$1500 off of that particular photo. It really does depend on the photographer (some are great at what they do and can make decent money, but you’d need to go out and find one, or have several people pay you for the privilege of your posing for you) but you can definitely make $1500 off of that one post.

I think the idea may sound absurd, but I think it’s a great example of why you need a professional photographer or a well-known photographer that you trust enough to pay for their services. If you just grab a few shots from friends and acquaintances, don’t expect any sort of high pay—especially when you’re just starting out and are still figuring out what the best photo/posting style for you is. So don’t bother trying to start or expand Instagram — it’s a very difficult market to break into, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to do that. Instead, have a professional friend take you through it if you need help.

How to make money on Instagram

First you need to find a professional photographer or a photographer whose work you think you’d like to shoot. Some of the best photographers on Instagram are on the older side

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