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You can photograph only people who are 21 or older (with a parent or guardian present) in the event that the child’s presence would contravene law, or if you are taking it to record something for documentary or editorial purposes. For more on this issue, please refer to ‘Is photographing in public permitted?’.

Will it be dangerous?

It is forbidden to photograph people without their consent, and that is all that may be necessary in order to protect public safety. We strongly advise that you do not ask for permission. If the consent is refused and if you cannot be sure what the refusal means, it may give rise to a civil claim upon which the photographer can expect compensation.

What if I want to show the picture?

You may take a photograph or video by yourself while in a government-run school and in a public place that is accessible to the public but is not open to the public. Such a photograph or video which is clearly not in a government-run school may be taken for personal use, such as your own use in a magazine or in a book (with the permission of the author). The photograph or photo should be clearly identified from the other photographs or video. You may contact the relevant government department. They may help you to make a photographic record.

Photography is permitted with prior permission but may not be carried out with the consent of an educator, schoolmaster, teacher, or a student.

What is required to get permission?

BANGKOK — Thailand’s military announced in an internal memo on Wednesday that the country’s political prisoners have been released.

Officials did not specify which prisoners will be released but all political prisoners held since the coup in May have been freed, the military said in the memo.

The military also vowed to work towards “bringing the true meaning of democracy” for the population.

The memorandum was posted on Army-affiliated websites.

Officials had previously said that about 100 military officers and government ministers had been arrested.

Those convicted of treason and other serious crimes faced jail terms ranging from five to 100 years.

The military’s announcement comes four days after President Prayuth Chan-ocha met his top military staff for what the government claimed was to discuss the political chaos that has been sweeping the Southeast Asian nation since the coup in May.

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