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One photo that really catches my eye: A photo where everything is very well lit but no one is actually in the foreground? I look at the light levels, the size and angle of the viewfinder and how much background there is behind it.

Some of the newer iPhone cameras don’t have a built-in flash in the back; instead, you’ll use a shutter button.

You also have to work a little extra with it. As soon as you touch the flash to your iPhone you have a slight flash exposure and this may look dark in the photo. When using a flash in a dark setting, it’s best to keep the background in mind. Light-colored backgrounds appear brighter (they’ll have an accentuated color) whereas dark backgrounds appear bluer (they won’t be in your highlights).

The light level can vary so you may need to adjust the exposure to get a picture that’s right for you.

If you’re using an iPhone (as opposed to a Samsung Galaxy), you’ll find that it can shoot up to 1080i at the same time. This video makes good use of this feature.

To help increase the exposure time, you can also increase the ISO to make a darker, more subdued picture. I’ve heard of some people using a Sony HX100 II to give them a more “film-like” effect. It’s all about the lighting, exposure and your imagination.

The image above is using a Sony HX800II camera. The red-eye effect is caused by the shutter being pressed down a little bit to allow a bit of light to pass through the lens. The more light you put through your camera, the more you’ll reduce the red-eye because your camera will get rid of any stray flash and your photo will have a more natural color.

One final note: If you’re not getting the right amount of light through your iPhone, try to find another camera. If the photo you’re getting is too bright or too dark, use higher ISO on the other camera and then retouch.

If your iPhone photos are not quite as bright as you’d like them to be, try using the White Balance to set it just right.

You can do this by tapping on the White Balance drop-down menu at the bottom left corner of the camera and adjusting it till it matches your scene.

If it looks like your image is too bright under the hood, then try using a different white balance and try adjusting

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