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Sure, it’s a very useful skill; a key to your business survival. But it’s also one of the greatest obstacles to getting the most done you can, both at work and at home. A business with great photography has a chance of becoming the next Facebook – a billion dollar business that’s the envy of every other business in the world. But is any business simply a good business? Most people find photography very hard to be a good business. A good business is in no way a bad business, but the difference can be significant.

How do you know what you want from your photography business?

Before you dive in and decide to start a business with photography you’d need to decide what your photography business is about. Is it simply something you do for a living? If so then your main focus in life will be to do great photos. The only business you need to be aware of is your professional career and how much you’re getting paid. If you want to grow as a photographer and become an international success you can make the most money by becoming the best in an entirely different field. For example if you’ve always been a freelance photographer and have a passion for photography, then it will make sense to start a business focused solely on photography. But you need to be clear about what it you’re working on, otherwise you have two choices; go back to freelancing or find a professional photographer that has a better idea for the quality you want.

What do you need to be happy if you set up a photography business?

If you’re passionate about photography then you absolutely need to stay happy when you make your business. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to do everything and anything that your business does – it’s better to limit it to the things that you’re passionate about and enjoy. That’ll mean keeping things simple and focusing on good pictures. The rest of your business should be focused on getting the highest quality pictures as cheap as possible.

In terms of what kinds of pictures to buy and how much they should cost, don’t worry too much about the numbers, just keep it simple. If you want to sell prints go to high street shops that make them for a low price and let your clients pick the photos that best fit them. If you want to sell digital copies it’ll be a bit more complicated, as you’ll want to offer a high quality file, but you can still sell prints. Just remember that this isn’t about selling prints as you can easily find a quality

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