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If you buy a product using a link on my website, I can’t control that product at all – I can’t control if I get money or not but my website does not charge you any money for my photos. If I’m selling something on my website or social media I can control if I get money or not.

What if my pictures offend and I lose sales? I can decide whether or not I sell the image, but I can’t force that on anyone.

Where can I read more about copyright?

If you have any questions about my copyright or want to ask me more about something specific, please just reach out to my Facebook group: the photographer is sharing their work and giving back – there are rules to being the best photographer on the planet.

Thank you for supporting me, and I hope you can find the next great project that I can add to your collection.

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The Syrian army on Sunday made gains in the southwestern desert region of the country after a month-long offensive in the country’s northeast, local government and opposition sources said.

The army has in recent days made gains at the outskirts of Damascus, near the ancient city of Palmyra, where the US-led coalition hit IS targets in April.

A series of army offensives across Syria’s northwestern and northeastern provinces has driven IS from its self-declared caliphate in the region.

In the southwest, Syria’s warplanes pounded Islamic State targets, destroying armoured vehicles and killing dozens of militants, Syria’s General Command said in a statement.

It said the offensive also liberated four villages near Damascus and captured one army base, which was subsequently seized from Islamic State.

In the central province of Hama, the army said it had seized a base from IS in the city of Marea.

However, there were no further developments as of 9 a.m. (0500 GMT).

The army advances come a day after US-led coalition air strikes targeted Islamic State targets in Palmyra, where the coalition had been carrying out air raids during the past week.

A local government source said a suicide car bomber believed to be from the IS-held town of Maarat al-Numan was killed by airstrikes on the outskirts of the ancient city.

Syria’s army

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