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Creative retouching can be characterized by combining the techniques of light painting, which is an art in the field of color and light, with light-based painting that focuses on light and shadow. There are several different types of retouching done in the realm of the digital.

Light painting

Light painting involves using different types of light sources, usually, but not usually, a white light source or a coloured light source to create depth and different light color variations. Light painting is accomplished by manipulating images to achieve different light colors.

Light painting also focuses on the light elements that are located within the picture, and are usually referred to as the shadows. The following are some examples of a creative use of a light painting technique to effect an image and light-based painting used to enhance the look of an image :

An article on Light Painting from Photoshop Tutorials.

Light painting on a photograph.

Light painting on the background of an image.

The image of a character. Light Painting Effect.

Light Painting Effect at night.

Light Painting Effect at daytime

Light paint technique on a photograph.

Light painting technique on a digital photo.

Light painting technique on the subject of an image.

This effect is known as light painting or simply paint technique .

What is the meaning of creative retouching?

In general, creative retouching is when one uses one’s own image, or one’s imagination for a certain look or effect in an item. Many artists use retouching to convey their own artistic vision, or to achieve new, and more innovative solutions to problems.

The most common examples of creative retouching techniques are :

Color correction.

Color correcting an image is a specialised effect where an image is taken from a digital photograph, and then colour corrected. It is done by using a particular colour filter, or the technique of converting the light of the digital image into an opposite shade of grey for the image, which is then used to add contrast and definition.


Sometimes called a composition, composition is when you use different elements (or even separate items) to create an effect. When in a composition there is a line at the bottom, or an arrow pointing downward, it can be called a composition.


A hair is a texture that can be used to create depth and definition.



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